Through MrWork's technology, we average 60 applicants per month for challenging technical jobs.

Stedin - How do we show the inside of Stedin as an employer to the outside world?
Stedin has a great story to tell as an employer. There are a variety of vacancies that offer great career opportunities to both the MBO and HBO/WO-educated target groups. To bring the employer brand to the attention of the right target groups and generate more qualitative applications for the vacancy, MrWork's technology has been deployed since 2019. With the help of this technology, Stedin is able to reach and attract strategic target groups with high precision and hyper-targeting. MrWork's technology facilitates advertising vacancies, building talent pools, and collecting data from collaboration.
A complete candidate journey
Objective 1
Reach the right target group at the right time with the right content
Internally, the collaboration with MrWork has created a new way of working.
Objective 2
Overcoming the shortage in the labor market
60 applicants on average per month for challenging technical vacancies.
Objective 3
Automating the conversion layer
Interaction on job postings increased 31%.