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Connect with candidates before they apply

Ensure easy personal interaction with your organisation and get instant access to the best talent through our lead generation technology. Empower your candidates to apply for jobs and gather information in new ways. And develop a sustainable talent pool of high-quality leads.


Don't miss out on the 99% of people who don't apply

On average, visitors to a career page generate only 1% of job applications. The other 99% of your visitors remain anonymous. Exploit this huge potential of your website with lead generation by MrWork. Connect with candidates before they apply and increase your conversion rate up to 5-10 times.


Beat the competition and have first access to candidates

MrWork Leads lets you get in touch with candidates before they actively start applying. This means you have no competition yet. Make sure you are the first to access the best talent!


Every candidate is unique

The average candidate does not exist, nor does the average person. Every candidate has unique information needs. Enabling candidates to ask questions eliminates application barriers and increases your conversion rate.



“Thanks to our collaboration with MrWork, we are now much more visible to IT people.”

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'Thanks to the technology of MrWork, we convert the accumulated interest into leads through WhatsApp conversations.'

'MrWork always takes a constructive approach to innovative solutions; together, we launched a Click to Messenger pilot, which has been very successful!'

'On average, we receive 150 to 200 applications a month from uncommon target groups.'

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