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Build the perfect candidate journey

Always be top of mind with every relevant candidate, using MrWork Brands. Get ahead of the competition by engaging candidates with your employer brand through the online channels they use.


Take the candidate on a journey

Create your candidate journey with the MrWork technology. Our practical “set-and-forget” interface will guide the candidate through your employer brand step by step, planning several months or even a year ahead in one go.


Make it personal

With our technology, you ensure a personalised journey for every candidate. Thanks to our powerful retargeting capabilities, you create talent pools and reach people at the right time with the content they are looking for.


Uncover the ins and outs of your target audience

The real-time statistics and data insights from MrWork give you a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't work for your target audience. This way, you will continuously work towards the perfect candidate journey.



“Nearly 20% of the 320,500 people reached, show a high level of interest in QuaRijn through interaction with the content.”

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‘Through MrWork's technology, we average 60 applicants per month for challenging technical jobs.’

'We want all young people looking for a part-time job to choose Praxis. Thanks to the MrWork technology, we have 1,000 applications per month.'

‘A large increase in website traffic, resulting in 200 applications per month’


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