Recruiting in a candidate market: How to make it easy for the applicant and yourself

Quick and easy contact with candidates is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore logical that more and more companies are integrating chat into their recruitment marketing strategy. After all, nowadays you can send a message to a recruiter in a snap. But there are several advantages you can achieve with chat tools. We have listed them for you in this blog!

Easy contact with your target group

Chat apps offer the opportunity to get in touch with your candidates personally and earlier in the candidate journey, before the conversion or application phase. You communicate directly with a candidate who shows interest in your company. Ideal to really get to know your target group. That way you can find out what drives them. But there is another advantage: you also get better insight into your entire online target group. What questions do these people have? What needs do they have? With this knowledge, you can easily optimize your communication with your target group.

Remove candidates from their anonymity

Chat functions ensure that you come in contact with your candidates (i.e. remove them from anonymity) early in the candidate journey. This offers the ideal opportunity to introduce your candidates to your company and tell them more about what you have to offer as an employer. You bring forward the moment of personal contact; in other words, you don't speak to a candidate for the first time until he actually applies for a job. In this way, you remove a threshold.

On the other hand, the candidate also experiences benefits. Whatever chat tools you use, your candidates can easily get in touch with their potential new employer. People tend to send a message faster than they pick up the phone to call, especially a millennial. That way, candidates can ask questions to a recruiter in a fast and targeted way and you can say goodbye to the barriers of an application or cover letter with a CV as a first contact moment.

Open, flexible and visible

The opportunities are there for the taking. For example, it is interesting to roll out Whatsapp, Messenger, or other chat apps at multiple points in the candidate journey. This way, there is already accessible contact possible during the introductory phase, and at the same time, you create even more effective talent pipelines that you can supplement with valuable potential candidates. Valuable for the short and long term.

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