Among other things, QuaRijn provides assistance with living and well-being for the elderly. They provide this both in nursing homes and in people's homes. This means QuaRijn has to deal with scarce professional groups such as caregivers IG, assistants, and district nurses. But how can you best reach this target group to enthuse and recruit them? MrWork, together with QuaRijn, rolled out a successful strategy using Recruitment Marketing Technology. This strategy focuses on bringing the target group into the story of QuaRijn. To then create opportunities for low-threshold contact with these potential candidates. And that proved not without success...

How do we enthuse people about working in elder care?
In QuaRijn's story, it was important to emphasize to the target group that working in elder care at this organization offers many opportunities. For example, anyone with the right care diploma can start working directly at QuaRijn. With this advantage, among others, the scarce target group had to be reached as specifically as possible. MrWork's technology helped QuaRijn target a specific audience within healthcare. But in this strategy, we also focused on strategically rolling out the employer brand using timelines and generating leads through WhatsApp.

Local targeting using technology
MrWork's innovative technology was perfect for QuaRijn's entirely new recruitment approach. It allows the organization to reach its target group better than ever before. The strength of the strategy is that the employer brand can be pushed to potential candidates very locally. This is very convenient because QuaRijn has several locations within the province of Utrecht. An excellent opportunity to specifically show the many possibilities of working in elder care within this organization. One can work at various locations, both intramurally (at the locations themselves) and extramurally (home care) and there is the possibility to work with different target groups. In addition to spreading the employer brand locally, MrWork's technology also allowed QuaRijn to easily and quickly change and deploy content. The rapid change of content, such as short videos, combined with continuous campaigning resulted in a huge increase in qualitative website traffic on the job website and a clear growth in brand awareness among surrounding residents.

Fill vacancies with high-quality candidates
QuaRijn was also able to use technology to reach the target audience in new ways. An example of this is the use of WhatsApp. This gave the target audience the opportunity to ask questions about working at QuaRijn in an accessible way. It was a pleasant way for future caregivers to get to know the organization without having to apply directly. This has contributed to the increase and the quality of job applicants for vacancies in dementia care, rehabilitation care, and home care, among others.
A complete candidate journey
Increase in direct traffic
In addition to the traffic generated via MrWork, direct traffic has also increased by +350%.
Thanks to ongoing campaigning, we also see that the average session duration on the career website of QuaRijn has increased by +45%.
Activation of the employer brand
With the technology, the employer brand can be spread very locally within the province of Utrecht.
+14 million
More than 14 million ads were shown to 200,000 people within the target audience.
An increase in the number of hires
Because the target group can come into contact with QuaRijn in new ways, the number of hires has increased considerably.
300 hires
In the year 2021, 300 new employees have started at QuaRijn.