''Thanks to MrWork's software solution, our regional recruiters can independently and automatically start a vacancy campaign within 1 minute, with the right targeting, content, and message!''

MrWork's technology helps Lidl automate the vacancy strategy for various job profiles within the Netherlands
Lidl recruiters have been using MrWork technology intensively for several months now. The technology offers Lidl the opportunity to easily, and cost-efficiently advertise a vacancy (regional) to the desired target group. Lidl uses the data from MrWork to ensure optimal targeting options. Optimization based on data is an important part of the functionalities of the software.

Automate your online job postings
Connection with ATS
The automated connection that MrWork offers makes it possible to link the data from Lidl's ATS to the performance data of the system. The only variables that the recruiters determine before a campaign goes live are the desired duration and the daily budget.
Live in 30 seconds
The system automatically creates ad variations from the content library within the system, enabling a vacancy to be activated in less than 30 seconds!
By using the platform, efficiency has been boosted in (campaign) communication via e-mail, which gives recruiters more time for core business activities. In addition, the tool ensures that the recruitment team can independently create and execute campaigns and thus bear more responsibility and autonomy in the field of recruitment marketing.
+90% time savings
Lidl has achieved a time saving of more than 90% in the process from application to execution of a campaign!
The vacancies are live for an average of 10 days and can easily be switched off or reactivated when desired. Flexibility is essential here. If a vacancy is closed in the ATS, the campaign will automatically stop.
+ CPC € 0.25 and relevant
The cost per click is more than 50% below the retail benchmark of €0.70 ct, while the relevance of the traffic is better.