5 tips for engaging with your recruitment leads

Are you struggling to find and keep potential leads interested in your organization? MrWork Leads offers the solution! Our innovative approach to lead generation has led to an influx of potential candidates for our clients since our product launch in September. Our secret? Utilizing tools like WhatsApp to create a more approachable and personal experience for both recruiters and candidates.

We understand that traditional application processes can be a barrier for candidates. That's why we suggest incorporating accessibility and personal touches into your communication with potential leads. Our 5 tips for following up and keeping your leads warm include:

1. Accessibility pays off

More and more candidates see the traditional application process with a resume and cover letter as a huge barrier. Instead of relying on these 'old' techniques, use tools like WhatsApp to get in touch and invite candidates for a cup of coffee to get acquainted. Also, avoid requesting resumes and motivations, and don't send them to your job listing.

2. Keep it light

Let your identity as an employer shine through in your tone of voice. Incorporate a personal touch in your reactions and make clever use of humor and/or emojis. This helps build a bond with your potential candidate and increases trust.

3. Ease up on automated replies

Just because a message came in a minute ago doesn't mean you have to respond immediately. Respond with a personal touch, even if it takes a little longer. Automated replies do offer you the time to do so. For example, by making it clear in advance that you will usually respond within a certain number of hours. However, be mindful of how many automated replies to use and for what purpose.

4. Personalize your approach

Does a valuable lead indicate sensitivity to the work culture? Then invite them for a cup of coffee, for example, to sample the atmosphere. Is someone applying for a position, but another position is a better match? Be proactive and present this. But also make sure you are honest the moment a person does not (yet) match what you are looking for.

5. Stay visible on the right platforms

Candidates not actively looking for a job need many touch points with your organization to switch employers. Use an employer branding campaign to remind candidates of the existence of your organization. Utilize tools like WhatsApp for a conversational strategy.

Want to know more?

The key to successful lead follow-up is the human touch. We understand that each target group is unique and requires a different approach. That's why we offer tailored solutions for your organization. Interested in learning more? Contact us and we'll help you get started! We'll discuss your current situation and tell you in 30 minutes where the opportunities lie for your organization. We promise to respond within a few hours.

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